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Following last week’s reveal of Frontier Developments’ hotly-anticipated expansion, Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carriers, we are today pleased to expand more upon this by unveiling a new trailer, plus a deeper dive into Fleet Carriers specifications.

In case you missed it earlier this evening at 19:00 BST, the Frontier devs presented a YouTube stream highlighting a stack of gameplay and extensive new facts on how to buy, maintain, improve and capitalise on everything these megaships have to offer. You can check out the stream, below:

Over the stream, the development team also shared the new trailer, which you can click on below:

A wealth of exciting details, which we have collected and outlined, can be found below:


  • Beta 1 – PC only, starts 7 April.
  • Beta 2 – PC and console, starts in May.
  • Full Launch – June.


  • Costs 5,000,000,000 credits for the base model, which includes a Commodity Market and a Tritium Depot.
  • The ships are individually owned, and the owner can only have one Fleet Carrier at a time.
  • Owner can manage docking permissions.
  • Has 16 landing pads: 8 Large, 4 Medium, 4 Small.
  • Do not have determined loadouts but instead have Optional Services that can be tailored to the playstyle of the owner’s choice.


  • Max jump range of 500ly.
  • Require the commodity ‘Tritium’ as fuel to perform a jump, which can be mined from asteroids or purchased from starports.


  • Require regular maintenance, which incur weekly running costs.
  • Additional services can be purchased from Carrier Construction starports, and contribute to the overall weekly running costs.
  • Bank: used for all Fleet Carrier transactions; buying services, paying visitors for desired commodities, restocking and more.


  • Owners unable to keep up to date with the weekly running costs will incur debt. Once a huge amount of debt has been accrued, their Fleet Carrier may be at risk of being decommissioned.
  • There are, however, multiple ways to manage a Fleet Carrier to continue generating revenue or minimise services when you wish to reduce running costs.
Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carriers

For even more game news, click right HERE.

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