Frontier cracks open Planet Zoo Easter Egg cheats box

by Rebel.Red.Carnation
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As we head into the Easter break, the Planet Zoo development team has been eagerly beavering away to gift a number of Easter Eggs cheats that we thought players would enjoy checking out. These include: ‘Balloon’, ‘Physics’, ‘Floof’ and ‘Hearts’ cheats.

Details for each cheat can be found below…

Balloon cheat:

  • Every park visitor gains a balloon – Change guest name to “SelenaM” to activate
  • Every guest releases a balloon – Change guest name to “JayC” to activate

Physics cheat:

  • Apply forces to physics enrichment items by clicking (click a ball to bounce it) – Change animal name to “DaveBamber” to activate

Floof cheat:

  • Make animals super fluffy when you change name to “MeggieB”

Hearts cheat:

  • If you call any habitat animal “MontseC” all habitat animals will have the hearts when they perform their mating animation. If you call any habitat animal “MontseC” again, it will turn off for all animals

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