Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 2: In review

by Ben Kirby

The season started in early March and we’re now in May. With an end in sight to Season 2 of Chapter 3, this is a quick look back at the season.

What qualifies me to have an opinion? Honestly, I’m sure there are plenty of people ready to argue that it isn’t enough, but I’ve filled out the battle pass for the season (Level 100+) and that means I’ve played most days throughout. I’ve seen the tweaks and changes and done all of the resistance quests. It’s at the very least, adequate to have a rough idea of what’s going on.

All that is to just say that I’ve put plenty of time into it, and I’m comparing it directly to last season, which saw me hit the same level of play.

Season 2 - Fortnite Ezio

How has it been?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has actually been pretty fun.

Initially coy around their release of a “resistance” theme. Based around opposing factors, looking to capture key areas of the map. Season 2 was looking like a Russia/Ukraine commentary. When in reality, it was an incredibly bad time, for what I suspect was something that took several months to put together.

Pitting the Imagined Order (IO) vs The Seven. Season 2 has been the basis for tanks, zeppelins and territory-control gameplay in areas of the map. Changing each week, to see us, and The Seven pushing the IO back.

Honestly, playing the resistance story missions week on week has been easy, fun and largely quite straightforward. I’ve done all kinds of stuff in the name of working for The Seven. But truth be told, I’ve no clue what’s gone on. Season 2 has been really nicely voice-acted, and I’ve listened where I can, but when you’re dropping somewhere busy, you focus on getting in and out. The XP gains have been great, though!

It feels to me that Season 2 of Chapter 3 has let Fortnite let its hair down a bit. The zero-build mode, a proper sprint, mantling ledges. Lightsabers, Stormtroopers and Blasters. Jetpacks and even airstrikes. It’s been fun, frantic and everything “feels” like it’s all coming together in ways that perhaps Epic haven’t managed to do previously.

Season 2 - Fortnite Helicopter

The Battle Pass

I have to say, my least favourite element of Season 2, has been the Battle Pass. I don’t mind paying the 950 VBucks, seeing as though I earned them last season. But the rewards have been largely, a little bit shit.

Skins and alternate skins for members of The Seven, to go with my “The Foundation” (see Dwyane Johnson…) skin. It’s all just a bit meh, and ending the pass with Dr Strange, whilst not a surprise, is a bit dull. Who actually wants Dr Strange out shooting stuff? I feel like there are plenty of better Marvel options, with recent movie/TV tie-ins.

Season 2 has been great in the store for these Tie-Ins, but they have some pretty decent original characters, too. Seeing some genuinely great models and concepts in the store, whilst grinding through 10 pages of rewards that were about 90% dull, was a bit disappointing.

Next season

As of now Season 2 is still in full flow, with a couple more weeks to go. Rumours are starting to fly around about what it might tie in with next. Will it have another Marvel tie-in? Perhaps Jurassic World might take priority next season?

I have no idea of the theme or the battle pass, and I’m happy to speculate what will come after Season 2, but I’m mostly just hoping that it will have some better, more interesting rewards to earn. I love the flow of XP and levelling in Fortnite, so the “grind” isn’t really too much of a grind. I do want it to be more worthwhile or at least interesting, though.

All being well, we’ll see an end-of-season event, that will see the war culminate in a massive game-wide moment, as Fortnite has gotten very good at. But what will come out of it after the whole universe explodes, again? Who knows?!

Season 2 has been great in terms of fun and gameplay. Let’s hope Epic can keep it up and push further innovation. They’re in a sweet spot right now, and it’s a joy to play.

Season 2 - Fortnite Gliding

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