Fordzilla – Ford launch first-ever esports team

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A new player is entering the esports world. Ford’s first-ever esports team, Fordzilla.

Go back a few years ago, and esports was nowhere near as big as it is now. And its growth shows no sign of stopping. There are new people sponsoring teams all the time, and even new teams being created. And it is car manufacturer Ford who seems to be the latest brand wanting a piece of that sweet esports pie.

Now, not much is known just yet. We assume being a car manufacturer, they’re more likely to be targeting racing games. However, who knows where the future will take them.

What we do know is that the UK team captain of Fordzilla will be Leah Viathan. She will welcome members of the public to test their in-game mettle and try-out for the Fordzilla UK team. When? Well, today. At the team’s UK launch.

Fordzilla UK Team Captain – Leah Viathan

Leah Viathan Twitter Profile

More will be revealed following the launch event we’re sure. Especially since Leah and Emmanuel Lubrani, Senior Manager, brand communications and content development, at Ford of Europe, will be on hand to discuss the latest gaming updates from Ford, including potential partnerships and the existing recruits.

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