Firefly Studios, creators of the upcoming ‘castle sim’ RTS Stronghold: Warlords, is asking series fans to submit their own screams, grunts, shrieks, hollers and groans to be featured in the final game. Unable to source actors and record audio in person, Firefly is hoping their players will be willing to warm up their vocal chords and scream into a microphone in hopes of hearing themselves perish in-game:

Come scream with us:

While in the past Firefly Studios has invited fans to vote on weapon designs, armour and even which deceased animals can be thrown by the trebuchet, submitting screams is new for the developer. The current global pandemic is presenting developers of all shapes and sizes with unique challenges, but Firefly Studios are hoping they can get closer to their community by letting it all out and bursting a few eardrums in the process.

These are troubling times. People are concerned about their health, loved ones and jobs. It got me thinking, this might be a good opportunity to have a little bit of fun with fans of the game and include them in a manner which we’ve never really tried before.

Robert Euvino, Composer and Sound Designer on Stronghold: Warlords.
Firefly Studios Requests Fans’ Best Screams for Stronghold: Warlords
Firefly Studios Requests Fans’ Best Screams for Stronghold: Warlords

Players can take part by joining the #screams-of-stronghold channel on the official Stronghold Discord server, where they can find out more about the submission process and technical requirements to make their screams useable in-game: 

If their death screams end up being used, players will be able to hear themselves die in Stronghold: Warlords when the game launches on Scream Steam later this year. For more information and the latest updates players can visit the game’s official website:

About Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios is an independent PC games developer specializing in real-time strategy and MMO titles since 1999. Formed by Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette of Caesar and Lords of the Realm fame, the company has brought to market many high profile and commercially successful strategy games. These include the Stronghold series with lifetime sales of seven million and Stronghold Kingdoms, which currently has over seven million registered players. Firefly has offices in the UK and US with around 30 full and part-time staff. For more information visit their website or follow @fireflyworlds on Twitter.

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