No more FIFA? Could EA Sports rename the history-making FIFA Series?

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According to EA Sports, it’s considering renaming its famous FIFA series after almost three decades associated with the international football organisation. In a recent press release, EA Sports Executive Vice President Cam Weber confirmed that they are exploring the idea of a name change. However, this would not change its football games’ partnerships and licenses. This announcement was made at the launch of the latest and highly anticipated FIFA 22. 

Despite such a major announcement, EA Sports did not clarify why they are considering a name change at this time, although it could be attributed to the less than stellar reputation FIFA has gained in recent years. While being the international governing body for association football, the organisation has been shrouded in controversy for many years now, including some major accusations of corruption within the association as reported at

Additionally, EA has not specified what names they are considering, although it was noted that spokespeople have been referring to the game as ‘our EA Sports football games’ lately. The company first partnered with FIFA in 1993 for the launch of FIFA International Soccer, with a new FIFA title released every year since then. 

PlayStation controllers with FIFA on in background

One of the Best-selling Game Series in History

The FIFA franchise has become one of the best-selling game series in history and remains incredibly in-demand, which is impressive, considering the competition video games are up against. The rife competition in the gaming sector applies to all genres due to the surge in this type of entertainment over the last year or so. For example, online casino gaming has become incredibly popular, due to the variety of games, prizes and accessibility. But what seems to be the most appealing element is familiarity as old favourites like slots and bingo are available at sites like, which could be a lesson to the FIFA franchise: fans like familiarity. 

However, Weber also made it clear that dropping the FIFA license will not affect its other licenses or its dedication to recreating an authentic and immersive football gaming experience. He stated the value of authenticity in the franchise and promised to continue the high standards the brand has set in the last two decades. This is helped by hundreds of licensing partners, allowing the brand access to 17, 000 athletes across more than 700 teams, as well as 100 stadiums and more than 30 international leagues.

This should offer die-hard fans some kind of guarantee that the game will continue as always, just with a different name. Weber also confirmed that EA Sports will continue to invest in and foster new partnerships and licenses that are valuable to players. By expanding their partnerships, the brand promises to bring unrivalled authenticity to their EA Sports football games for as long as they can. 

Pulling out All the Stops

The news comes hot off the heels of long-running FIFA rival Komani revealing it changed the name of its Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball. However, the launch of its most recent game was mired in disaster according to and continues to be a thorn in the side of the company. While FIFA 22 has received critical acclaim from fans and experts alike, this name change could unsettle many fans. However, as Weber has stated, this shouldn’t change the game in any way. In fact, the company will likely pull out all the stops to ensure that EA Sports can provide a top-quality football gaming experience without the help of FIFA going forward.

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