Feather arrives on PS4 & Xbox One

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Feather –the relaxing “bird simulator” from Australian dev Samurai Punk – is launching today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! 

The game invites both PC and console gamers alike to leave their worries on the ground and embrace the light-as-a-feather nature of birds in a beautiful, flat-shaded world without enemies, combat or objectives.

Launch Trailer:

Lose yourself in flight surrounded by lush environments and friendly creatures to the beat of a soothing ambient soundtrack. Fly free, explore, and make connections along your journey. Swoop, glide, and backflip your way around mysterious locations to uncover hidden paths that only birds can follow. There’s no right or wrong, no demands, no bosses – only you, the wind, and the sky!

Feather’s inception came from a game jam project called Fruits of a Feather a few years ago. It was originally intended to be an air-combat fighting game – but due to disagreements about how combat would work, the team decided to focus on what already worked best: the game’s fluid and joyous flight experience. In the midst of a pandemic, we all wish we could be birds flying free above our neighbourhoods – soaring across mountain ranges or even the ocean. It warms our hearts to know that Feather can deliver that feeling for both console and PC gamers – no matter where they are.

Nicholas McDonnell (Managing Director, Samurai Punk)


In addition to passive online multiplayer – which allows friends old and new to share the joy of flight in real-time – the Explorer Update also adds a number of new features and improvements to Feather:

  • The game is now fully cross-play – meaning that players will encounter birds (i.e., other players) from all supported platforms.
  • A brand new area has been added – hidden deep within the islands.
  • 6 new songs and 4 new birds to discover.
  • New weather conditions! Some days can get pretty windy … 
  • Improved detail.
  • Steam: Now with Mac support!
  • New renderer is now able to spawn significantly more undergrowth.
  • More objects in the world can be perched upon.

Key Features

  • Experience the world from a bird’s-eye view with fluid and responsive controls.
  • Explore a vast island with a dynamic weather system and day/night cycles.
  • Play with friends in a seamless online multiplayer.
  • Fly peacefully without enemies, combat, or threats.
  • Enjoy a relaxing ambient soundtrack and sound effects by Mitchell Pasmans.
  • Find nine unique songs hidden around the island
  • Control your bird with gamepads or keyboard and mouse.


Feather is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $7.99 – a 20% discount. On October 7, the game will return to its original retail price of $9.99.

The Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions have been updated with the Explorer content patch. The Nintendo Switch version will be updated in the near future.

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