Surprise DLC for Tango Fiesta says “Fuck Fascism” and donates all profits to BLM charities. 

Spilt Milk Studios, creators of top-down co-op shooter Tango Fiesta, today announce Fascism Fighters 4000, a brand new piece of DLC which focuses on smashing fascism and fighting the evil forces of oppression in a not-so-distant future. 

All profits from the DLC are being donated to Black Lives Matter charities to help fight real-life fascism faced across the world (to be crystal clear, profits are the Listed Price, minus Steam’s cut and tax. Nothing else will be discounted!). What’s more, from this point forward Spilt Milk Studios will top up the donation to the full value of $4.99 per DLC sold, from every copy of Tango Fiesta sold. That way we make the donations count as much as possible!

“Fascism is something that we at Spilt Milk absolutely hate. Equality is a standard right we have as humans, and frankly it’s disgusting that fascism, racism and inequality are still rife around the globe.” said Andrew Smith, Creative Director at Spilt Milk Studios. “We wanted to fight back and our medium as game developers gives us amazing access to be able to do that. Ultimately, we’re just a bunch of white developers using our tiny bank balance and huge privilege to make a difference. We really hope we can.”

Fascism Fighters 4000 has been created by Spilt Milk and a team of black creators – an Artist and a Writer/Cultural Sensitivity Consultant to really deliver on the promise of making a statement and a change.

To see more about Tango Fiesta, head over to where the DLC will be available around 4pm GMT on 28th October for £3.99/$4.99/€3.99

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