Strategy-RPG roguelike Fantasy of Expedition emerges from Early Access on September 14th

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Bottle Milk Studio is proud to announce that Fantasy of Expedition, the real-time strategy/RPG hybrid by solo developer LW.C, is coming out of Steam Early Access on September 14th. This finalized build of the game will cost $12.99 / £9.99 / €10.39 though anyone who buys it now for $9.99 / £7.19 / €8.19 will get the full release come launch at no extra charge.

Designed, programmed, drawn and composed entirely by LYM, at LW.CFantasy of Expedition is a roguelike strategy adventure game about guiding a squad of warriors and priests on an expedition mandated by the Heavens to rid the land of demons. Your journey will toss randomly-generated scenarios your way, ensuring that each playthrough consists of fresh and exciting challenges with different arrangements of enemy types to battle and power-ups to equip. Every time you die you’ll still get to keep “legacies”, allowing for more powerful upgrades in subsequent playthroughs, offering endless possibilities. 

Combat is a hectic real-time affair, as you strategically amass an army of cute, pixelated characters to duke it out with unholy invaders. Choose your formations and customize each unit’s skills and items as you unleash your holy horde on the demonic denizens of the battlefield. Fantasy of Expedition merges tactical thinking with the chaotic scramble of war, effortlessly combining real-time strategy games, RPGs and roguelikes into a cohesive fantasy adventure.

Fantasy of Expedition is an immensely ambitious undertaking by game dev wunderkind LW.C. It’s so rich in systems and detail. And its mix of different genres combined with its randomly-generated nature makes it simply a hoot to play!

Milk Bottle Studios’ Publishing Director, Echo.

I’ve always been a fan of RPGs of all stripes, from turn-based to real-time, so I wanted to make a game that combined the two. So with Fantasy of Expedition I decided to make something highly tactical in the planning stages, but also wild and chaotic in action. I think I managed to find the perfect middle ground that provides a wholly unique experience.

LW.C the founder, programmer and artist.

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