F1 MANAGER 2020 Update Takes To The Track

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Today, Hutch launches the new season of F1 Manager on iOS and Android, introducing a host of upgrades, new content, and refreshed drivers and teams. While many fans of F1 are awaiting the delayed start of the 2020 season, racers can still experience high pressure action in F1 Manager,as they take on the role of team principal, and make the big calls that define championships.

With a new season comes a fresh chance for players to secure dominance. This update features the full team and driver lineup for the 2020 season, along with re-calibrated stats, 39 brand new car components, official liveries, and 12 all new competition Series, where budding strategists pit their managerial wits against other team principals, as they push to get ahead of the pack.

Players that progress from the 2019 season will have their previous endeavors converted to a ‘Season Score’, ultimately translating into Constructor Championship (CC) Points and long-lasting perks for the whole new season. This new update introduces a CC Store allowing players to get ahead of the curve by exchanging their hard-earned CC Points for brand new Drivers and Car Components.

A progress reset for the new season ensures everyone has a fresh chance for dominance and a shot at reaching the podium, as players compete to build their ultimate F1 team. The introduction of the Constructor Championship store also gives veteran Team Principals the opportunity to leverage their performances from the 2019 season by rewarding their past achievements.

At Hutch, we’ve created a portfolio of mobile-first car games that offer fans the chance to live their passions, and we’re incredibly proud of the community growing around our games. The new 2020 season of F1 Manager will deliver even more excitement, through high risk decision making, as racers experience the fast paced strategic world of a team principal, something our community craves. Fans can start the new season today, and make their mark in the world of F1 Manager, as they aim to build their own championship defining team.

Corentin Delprat, F1 Manager Game Director at Hutch
  • The new update upgrades in-game content, introduces a Constructor Championship Store, and features all of the official teams and drivers from the 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship
  • In addition, there are 12 new race series, and 39 brand new components, that expand team managers strategic choices
  • A progress reset for the new season gives all budding Team Principals a fresh chance for dominance

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