EZCast Launches EZCast TwinX, Universal Screen Mirroring and Extending Solution

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EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies, has launched its EZCast TwinX, a screen mirroring and extending solution with universal device support that requires no configuration: simply press the button and sync up.

Get Rid of Long, Unsightly Display Cable

Cables limit working freedom and can cause safety hazards when strewn throughout the home or office. To make screen mirroring easier and the environment much tidier and safer, EZCast designed EZCast TwinX to solve all the problems.

Great Compatibility with all Home and Office Scenarios

The TwinX supports wireless screen mirroring and display extending up to Full HD (1920 x 1080 at 60Hz) resolution, allows users to use screen mirroring in meetings to present via a large display or projector to an audience; mirror media, TV, and movies from apps to an HDTV or play games with friends on a big screen. Use screen extension for extra display real-estate and easier multitasking capability.

EZcast TwinX streaming device

Universal Multi-OS, Multi-Device Support

EZCast TwinX supports a wide range of popular operating systems: macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, and requires zero configuration to set up and start. Accordingly, it uses a universal USB Type-C connection available on most modern devices, whether PCs and laptops, Android smartphones, MacBook, and iPad Pro. The EZCast TwinX can cast to all EZCast receivers, dongles, and projectors. Just plug the EZCast TwinX into a device and connect the receiver with an HDTV or projector, then you can play media from your device to a big screen in seconds.

Just a Click Away

With a single button to control operation, get that “it just works” feeling stepping over any cross-platform limitations of wireless display sharing, and simply plug-in-and-go even within strict corporate environments that prevent 3rd party software installation. The small device is easy to drop into a bag or pocket for use on the go.

More information about the EZCast TwinX.

Price and Availability

The EZCast TwinX Package, which contains EZCast TwinX C-1 + EZCast Compact CS2, is available at £79 on the EZCast official store now and will be available at Amazon in July.

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