Wall World: A tower defence game with a twist arrives April 5th

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Alawar Premium has announced that Wall World, their latest mining rogue-lite tower defence game, will be released on Steam on April 5th. In Wall World, players will roam the wall, mine for resources, and build up their mobile base, the robospider, and their exosuit to face enemies and uncover the secrets of the wall.

Mysteries abound in Wall World

Wall World is a game filled with mysteries and fantastical elements. Players will explore procedurally generated mines and changing biomes with variant weather while uncovering secrets hidden deep within the wall. As they gather resources to upgrade their robospider and exosuit, players will reveal a story that unfolds with each playthrough.

Rogue-lite gameplay with upgrades

In Wall World, players will have to contend with swarms of enemies that attack their robospider as they explore the mines. Featuring rogue-lite gameplay, players will unlock upgrades for their robospider and exosuit that carry over with each playthrough. From machine guns to homing missiles, defensive boosts, and turrets, players can choose how to upgrade their robospider to suit their playstyle.

Strategize and survive

As players dig deeper into the mines of the wall, they will have to decide how deeply they want to explore each one. Straying too far from the robospider can be risky, as enemy attacks can come at any time. But further exploration can yield valuable resources for powerful upgrades. Players will need to strategize and decide whether to hunker down or fight on the move.

Wall World screenshot

Wall World’s key features

Wall World offers players the following features:

  • Mine: Burrow deep into the wall in different places, look for resources and technologies for upgrades, and discover new biomes in the mines.
  • Fight: Shoot and hack at nightmarish creatures with a variety of weapons, from simple machine guns to homing missiles. Increase your chances of survival by breaking camp instantly and continuing the fight on the go.
  • Upgrade: Modernise your exosuit with resources and technologies you find to move faster in mines and break through ever-tougher rocks. Upgrade your robospider’s combat stats to deal with increasingly dangerous enemies.
  • Explore: Discover mysterious locations and fantastic biomes. See how the Wall World changes as you move further along it, day and night.

Get Ready to Scale the Wall

Wall World will be available on Steam on April 5th. Players can download the demo now to get an early look at the game. To stay up to date on Wall World, visit the official site, follow on Twitter, or join other miners in the Discord community. Get ready to scale the wall and uncover the secrets of Wall World!

Wall World gameplay

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