Explore a Lonely Earth in The Uncertain: Light at the End, Launching Today for PC

by Chris Camilleri
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Enter a dystopian sci-fi world where humanity has been replaced by machines, available today for PC on Steam and GOG.com and coming to consoles in 2021

The Uncertain: Light at the End is a story-driven third-person sci-fi adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been replaced by machines. A young girl named Emily must survive as a lone outcast and unravel the mystery behind humanity’s disappearance, travelling through the abandoned world while pursued by the same machines which once served humankind.

Game Features:

  • Welcome to a lonely Earth. Jump into an all-new and original story, in a world inexplicably abandoned by humans and dominated by robots.
  • Discover deep lore and embedded storytelling. Learn about the past and present of a machine-dominated Earth world through exploration and interaction.
  • Explore an abandoned world. Guide Emily through an empty and lonely city, filled with intricate details and hints at life before the disaster.
  • Solve entirely unique puzzles. Every puzzle in The Uncertain: Light at the End is a unique challenge with unique mechanics.
  • Lose yourself in Emily’s world. Immersive audio and a rich cinematic score bring The Uncertain’s lonely world to life.
the uncertain

Created by independent developer New Game Order (formerly ComonGames), Light at the End presents an all-new adventure set in the universe established by 2016’s The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, which has achieved more than 1,000 reviews and a Very Positive rating from the Steam community. 

The Uncertain: Light at the End is available today on Steam and GOG.com for $14.99 (£11.39, €12.49), with a 15% discount for launch and an additional 15% discount for owners of The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day

The Uncertain: Light at the End will launch in 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Available on Steam Now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/92

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