Explore a broken world in Vokabulantis

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Vokabulantis is a handcrafted stop motion co-op platformer adventure game, where you play as Karla and/or Kurt. It’s made with a combination of technical and artistic solutions unlike any stop motion film or game experience before it. And it shows. Find it on Kickstarter HERE.

Karla and Kurt are stuck at the intersection trying to hold hands for the first time. Now nervously realizing what they are about to do. When they want to speak to remedy the awkwardness, their mouths come off and they are catapulted into Vokabulantis. Lost in the world of language, which has been torn apart by their inability to speak, they now have to save Vokabulantis to save their kindled feelings for one another.

Their experience of that moment at the intersection becomes an epic odyssey through the City of Noun, The Word Power Crystal mines of Afasia and over the sea of the giant Verb Karbs and much more. Fighting the Word Fürher and Grandma Marble – the two ancient forces of language, meeting Numerica, Iago, The Color Prince and many more.

Vokabulantis – Game Details

  • Platforms: Targeted all major game platforms
  • Play modes: Can be played as a single-player or local co-op.
  • Playtime: 6-8 hours of gameplay in the main story and an additional 2-4 for achievement hunting. 
  • Genre: Platformer adventure rich with action and puzzle-based experiences.

Developer Quotes

Think Alice in Wonderland went on a trip with The Hobbit with handcrafted and stop-motion animated by Miyayzaki in a game that plays like Inside or Little Nightmares II. – easy right?

Game developer and studio owner, Esben Kjær Ravn

When you digitize reality like we do here, you also bring the digital to life in a way. It feels magical. In our game a rose really is a rose. You can actually come to our studio and hold it in your hand, but you can also control it’s movements in the game.

Owner of Wired Fly Animation, Johan Oettinger

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