ELDERBORN – Metal AF Slasher: NG+ mode, 20% timed discount

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Hyperstrange, the small Poland-based studio behind the barbaric Action Fantasy epic, introduces a large content update two months after ELDERBORN’s successful Steam release amid player-acclaim.

There is a niche between classic, fast-paced FPS shooters and mindful, souls-like melee and exploration. Two months ago ELDERBORN, filled that void, attracting thousands of action game players. Now it sets a new challenge for the ever-growing community of its players.

With a game like ELDERBORN, an FPP slasher heavily inspired by the Souls series, a challenging and rewarding New Game+  mode is an obvious development and just what the players were hoping to get. The indie studio, Hyperstrange, did not stop at that, making sure the update releasing today improves many other aspects of the game, not just the replayability factor.

ELDERBORN combat gameplay

Re-balanced combat with mechanics tweaks suggested by the community, complete revamp of the achievement system, more in-depth difficulty setting scaling, and lots of other small, quality-of-life things, to make the already highly praised game even more appealing. Because over 85% positive user-reviews are nice, but way over 90% would be even nicer.

ELDERBORN is a Metal Action Fantasy Slasher with brutal FPP melee combat and souls-like/RPG character progression. In the times of legend, the barbarian tribes need a new dark messiah. The player becomes a merciless slayer who will uncover ancient secrets in the city of doom, and forge their own destiny.

The NG+ content update is just the first of the planned events. Hyperstrage is now working to introduce further improvements, additional languages support, and – still in 2020 – a console edition for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Today’s update comes to Steam with a special, limited-time -20% discount.

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