Dungeon Full Dive Introduces Immersive Map-Building

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TxK Gaming Studios, the team behind the upcoming immersive TTRPG, Dungeon Full Dive, is today unveiling a comprehensive overview of their unique map-building feature. This exciting new addition allows players to craft their own worlds and truly step into the role of Dungeon Master, whether on PC or VR.

Dungeon Full Dive offers boundless potential for Game Masters to nurture their creativity and deliver memorable gaming experiences. The robust map-builder tool allows users to construct scenes ranging from snow-covered mountain peaks to bustling marketplaces, whilst providing real-time interactivity with the game environment.

Tabletop RPG aficionados will feel at home with the seamless stat integration for 5e, letting them create and adjust character sheets directly within the game.

Dungeon Full Dive distinguishes itself from the crowd with its distinctive miniature builder. This feature enables players to customise their miniatures to mirror their characters, and then choose between a top-down or character-perspective view. This offers an incredibly immersive and realistic gameplay experience, regardless of whether players are using a PC or diving in through VR.

Dungeon Full Dive playing pieces

Here’s a look at the features you can expect in Early Access:

  • Build Your Own Maps: Craft and modify battle maps with the in-game editor, bringing your imagined world to life. Whether your story unfolds in icy mountain peaks or a monster-infested forest, you’re in control.
  • Create Your Hero: Harness the power of the game’s character editor to build a legion of miniatures. Be whoever or whatever you want to be!
  • Play with Friends: Each campaign can support up to eight players and allows for crossplay between VR and PC, enabling everyone to chat, strategise, and roll the dice.
  • Explore the World: Choose how to experience your world. Opt for a classic top-down tabletop perspective or see through the eyes of your miniature as they interact with the world.

To stay abreast of Dungeon Full Dive’s progress, players can wishlist the game on Steam now. This new feature is an exciting step forward for the TTRPG genre, enabling players to fully immerse themselves in their favourite tabletop campaigns like never before.

Dungeon Full Dive map building walkthrough

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