Fly. Honk. Explore. Dune Sea out now on Switch

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Canadian developers, Frolic Labs, have brought their zen side-scrolling goose adventure game, Dune Sea, to the Nintendo Switch. Already available on Steam, the Dune Sea debut on Switch includes the all-new “Neon Sea” levels.

In Dune Sea, guide a migrating bird separated from its flock by a catastrophic event. In order to survive, you’ll fly across strange beautiful landscapes in mysterious and foreign lands while collecting items and avoiding predators on your journey home. Meet other birds during your journey and lead your newfound flock to greener pastures.

Dune Sea Features:

  • Soar through 15 individually handcrafted levels including the all-new “Neon Sea”
  • Experience challenges during the story in Classic mode or take in easy in Zen mode
  • Overcome puzzles to progress through blocked passages and continue your journey
  • Fly alongside a gorgeous soundtrack, composed by Jake Butineau

The game is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese, and can be purchased now on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for $9.99 USD. 

Dune Sea gameplay

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Dune Sea also features original game music composed by Jake Butineau! Each level comes with its own distinct theme, creating a unique and atmospheric experience each time you take flight.

Want to take some tunes on the go? The original soundtrack is now available for purchase on BandCamp.

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