Don’t Forget Me is out now on PC & Mac

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Join Fran as she solves her own personal mystery after awakening from an amnesia-inducing reverie. From The Moon Pirates, Don’t Forget Me adds jazz-punk vibes, mind-bending puzzles, and innovative Twitch integration to the classic adventure game formula. The game is available now on Steam & GOG (PC, Mac, Linux) for $14.99 / €14.99, with a 10% launch discount.

Don’t Forget Me – Launch Trailer

Drawing inspiration from Her Story and The Red Strings Club, Don’t Forget Me tests your observation and deduction skills as Fran dives into the minds of patients by using keywords. Each patient has their own keywords so don’t forget their interests and histories. Navigating these mental labyrinths can be hard work so if you need a second opinion (or three hundredth!), let your Twitch audience vote for the next stop on the mind map. To set the mood, the game’s score is an entrancing mix of jazz and synth-wave.

Don’t Forget Me, an unforgettable narrative investigation game, is the debut game from The Moon Pirates, and developed with funding from the diversity games fund, WINGS.

Want to overthrow a corrupt government one mind at a time? Join the investigation below:

Don’t Forget Me gameplay

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