Dino Galaxy Tennis available on PC

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Vixa Games with satisfaction brings the latest sports action game, Dino Galaxy Tennis to Steam today at 11 AM PDT (7 PM CET)!

In Dino Galaxy Tennis you can try your chances in a Single-Player story campaign, with an option for 2 players Co-op or in up to 4-players Versus Mode. You can also try to beat cosmic records in a set of various skill-based Challenges! Last but not least – the game will be part of Steam Remote Play Together on the 25th of March.

Even Alan Allcorn would not predict, how his creation will be an inspiration for future generations and evolve into the ultimate Tennis sports game featuring prehistoric species!

The idea has been developed by the Vixa Dev team during Global Game Jam 2019 in Gdańskwith with the theme: “What home means to you”. Apart from the fact that Dino Galaxy Tennis won this local edition of the game jam, it also has been highly appreciated by both the jury and the players. Seeing such potential, Vixa Games decided to bring the game to life.

Like a blast from a distant past, you take on the role of a dinosaur, whose dream is to win the Galactic Tennis Tournament. To reach the grand final, you will have to visit 5 planets and defeat leaders. If you pass all those trials and gain every badge, you will be eligible to compete in the Grand Slam finale and become the Galactic Champion!

During your Dino Galaxy Tennis journey with the ancient mentor as your coach, you will unlock different improvements and gain special skills such as rocket flying! As a hidden bonus, throughout the story-line, you will encounter a “cheating” opponent (even we are not sure how strong his cheats are). And, obviously, at this point, you will also have to eliminate him.

Dino Galaxy Tennis gameplay

Dino Galaxy Tennis Key Features:

  • Dynamic Challenges – test your skills in a set of bizarre trials! A lot of button mashing, so train your fingers!
  • “Dinos in Space Tournament” – Dinosaurs competing in tennis matches against elite players and boss-like opponents, some of which don’t even need to use hands to strike the ball.
  • Planetary exploration – Dinosaurs venturing through the galaxy & discovering different celestial bodies – all of them with some differences: low-gravity, orbiting moons, hi-tech devices.
  • Special and Super Special skills – combine your basic moves with special and ultimate strikes,  and power-ups to outplay other contestants.
  • High tension action – Hit, double-hit, bend or even teleport your comets. Rush, dash, and rocket-fly all over the planet’s orbit. You’ll need outstanding reflexes and a lot of wits to win your games.
  • Colourful visuals, energetic music & satisfying gameplay – everyone will have fun! Solo or with friends. Age doesn’t matter here either!

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