Top 10 most popular video game streamers in the world in 2022

by MaddOx

Playing your favourite games and making a lot of money from doing so is not the invention of a teenager. In the modern world, streaming as a career is really possible, and while some still doubt that it will work, others receive large donations live from devoted fans.

People who play video games online are called streamers. Most often they can be found on such popular sites as YouTube and Twitch. Everyone chooses what they like more. Youtube is considered to be more diverse in video formats and topics, it’s intuitive to viewers and enjoys greater popularity among ordinary people. Many players start their careers with video hosting because it is easier to gain an audience on it or use a hack and buy youtube subscribers. On the platform, they attract viewers in order to then transfer traffic to other networks or monetize videos.

As for twitch, this network is newer and less studied. The site does not have such a variety of topics, but it is constantly growing, increasing the number of active users. In fact, some of our own team stream on there such as Stubat and NinjaRefinery.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably interested in video games and want to know which streamers you should pay attention to. Well, let’s start from the top – with the world’s biggest streaming stars who have won the hearts of more than one million viewers.

Ninja (Richard Blevins)

Ninja takes pride of place on the podium of fame. If you’ve ever visited Twitch, you’ve definitely seen this player in the top search results. In 2018, Ninja became the first streamer to gain 10 million fans on the site. Now his account has more than 18 million viewers and this figure is constantly growing. He conducts broadcasts by categories: Fortnite, Fall Guys, Valorant, and League of Legends.

Top streamer Ninja

Rubius (Rubén Doblas)

The Italian popular streamer and video blogger gained popularity thanks to the excellent game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Rubius boasts an audience of 12 million viewers. He’s loved and respected by many players from different countries. By the way, in 2021 he was awarded the title of a streamer of the year and gamer MVP.

Tfue (Turner Ellis Tenney)

The streamer’s channel has more than 11 million subs. He usually streams with the Fortnite let’s play, Thanks to this game, he became known to the public. The esports player has an incredible technique in the game, so if you have long wanted to look at a well-thought-out strategy and a good AIM, pay attention to him. Tfue really has a lot to teach newbies to the game.

XQc (Félix Lengyel)

If you, like other 9 million people, like spotty ideas and unusual playful antics, pay attention to this streamer. He spends long streams (10-12 hours) playing Overwatch and then sleeps several hours a day before doing it all again. Perhaps that is why a professional player sometimes stuns the audience.

Shroud (Michael Grzesiek)

A streamer that you will not find an excess of jokes and humour. Almost 10 million people have subscribed to it and are happy to watch Michael’s technique in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His viewers are those who like it when everything is on the case. The broadcasts are peaceful and friendly, but not in a childish style.

Shroud is a top streamer

Pokimane (Imane Anys)

The first among women, and the sixth among the most popular streamers of this year. The girl has more than 9 million fans on her Twitch channel. She’s loved for her diverse content. Poki likes to play, but she doesn’t mind talking to the audience. The girl is working on content and constantly improving the quality of streams.

Myth (Ali Kabbani)

The seventh place in the rating is occupied by Myth. The player started his activity in 2013 on YouTube, when fame had not yet overtaken him, and he struggled to become popular. Now more than 7 million internet users are watching him play Fortnite. On his streams, you can often hear good jokes that will help you relax after a working day.

TommyInnit (Thomas Simons)

This streamer attracted audiences at breakneck speed. He started his career not so long ago but has already overtaken many of the “guards” of the service in terms of audience figures. Maybe he deceived us, used the opportunity to buy real youtube subscribers, and transferred traffic to Twitch and that’s why he got more than 7 million followers so quickly? We’re kidding! TommyInnit owes his success to Minecraft, thanks to this game he makes the honourable 8th place on our list.


This gamer shows his skill mainly in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnite and World of Warcraft. For 10 years now, the streamer has been delighting viewers with live broadcasts. His efforts were not in vain, there are already almost 7 million fans on the channel.

Streamer TimTheTatman

NICKMERCS (Nick Kolcheff)

This streamer closes the top ratings, and like many others, shows skill with professionalism in Fortnite. Nick got an audience of 6.5 million people thanks to cosy streams, on which he wants to linger as long as possible.

Of course, the list of talented players is much larger than the 10 guys we talked about in this article. On the Internet, you can find a large number of other makers who will delight you with their games. We occasionally stream ourselves on Twitch and also have our own YouTube channel. We hope that from these ratings we have identified several professionals in gaming for you to enjoy in your free time by watching their skills and broadcasting. Enjoy watching!

And if you want to be on this list one day, check out our tips for beginners.

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