Daedalic Entertainment Reveals The Official The Lord of the Rings – Gollum Teaser Trailer

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Daedalic Entertainment is thrilled to reveal the first CGI trailer for the upcoming action-adventure game The Lord of the Rings – Gollum. In partnership with Middle-earth Enterprises, a division of The Saul Zaentz Company, The Lord of the Rings – Gollum is being brought to life in-house by Daedalic Entertainment’s award-winning development team and is set for release in 2021 on PC and all relevant console platforms at that time.

The Lord of the Rings – Gollum Trailer:

This new title will remain true to the vision laid out in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and will also explore new events and details related to Gollum’s journey. Powered by Unreal Engine it will be localised into multiple languages so that fans from across the globe will be able to enjoy this new action-adventure.

For the latest information on the development, please visit www.daedalic.com.

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