Cute’ Em Up B.ARK Reveals Poignant Opening Cinematic

by Chris Camilleri
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B.ARK, the interstellar animal adventure cute ’em up for the whole family from Tic Toc Games featured in a Nintendo™ Showcase earlier this year, recently unveiled an emotional opening cinematic ahead of its upcoming release on Nintendo Switch™.

Our only hope for survival rests in the paws of the furry but ferocious members of Team B.ARK. The cybernetic fish armada, known as the Dark Tide, have taken over Earth and are spreading their aquatic fleet into space. Navigate and defend our Solar System as Barker the Dog, Felicity the Cat, Lucio the Bear and Marv the Rabbit, as they dive, dip, dodge, and blast their way through waves of revenge-seeking aquatic mechs. Play with your family and friends and work as a team to defeat the Dark Tide and take back your home!

B.ARK features:

  • Traditionally animated by Marc Gomez (the animator behind A Boy and His Blob)
  • B.ARK’s animation team is world-class and worldwide, featuring members from Los Angeles, Mexico, and the Philippines
  • Includes the voice acting of industry legend James Urbaniak (The Venture Bros.)
  • B.ARK launches themselves and their animal companions into space to escape the villainous Dark Tide, unfortunately meeting a sad fate
  • Help reunite the animals with their owners in this couch co-op space shooter focused on teamwork and character story

For more information, check out the official website.

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