CorpoNation: The Prologue launches on Steam – Get ready to grind

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It’s time to punch in at the grind factory! Playtonic Friends and Canteen have announced that CorpoNation: The Prologue, an introductory segment for the forthcoming game CorpoNation: The Sorting Process, is now available to play on Steam. This sneak peek offers players a taste of the main game’s linear, dystopian narrative, ensuring a smooth entry into the corporate world without giving away any crucial plot points.

The game’s prologue draws comparisons with the desk work elements of Papers, Please and transposes them into a corporate dystopian setting. Players step into the shoes of a Temporary Lab Technician for the Ringo CorpoNation. Your primary job? Sorting out genetic samples for the company. However, the daily routine isn’t as mundane as it appears.

CorpoNation The Prologue screenshot

As you go about your corporate grind, you’ll encounter rebellious employees who seem intent on turning you against the very company that puts bread on your table. Will you keep your loyalties with the company, or start questioning the practices of your ‘glorious’ employer? This balance of intrigue and duty forms the crux of CorpoNation: The Prologue.

To make the experience even more immersive, you’ll also manage your character’s work-life balance. After a hard day of genetic sample sorting, unwind with some State-Approved gaming, chat with your colleagues, and use your wages to spruce up your living quarters. But remember, paying bills is a must. Keep the grind alive, as the corporation would say, because a rested mind is a productive mind.

CorpoNation The Prologue Player's room upgraded

With the launch of the prologue on Steam, fans can dive into this world of corporate intrigue and find out where their loyalties lie. Will you climb the corporate ladder or break the chains of the corporate world? Your journey in Ringo CorpoNation starts now.

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process announcement trailer

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