Why technology is important in the workplace in 2024

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In every industry, technology has revolutionised the way businesses operate and work. Recent advancements in technology are designed to streamline workflow, automate business processes, improve collaboration and communication, and improve overall productivity and efficiency in the workplace. For many companies, technology has become an important area for investment to stay in the race and compete with their competitors.

Having the right tech in the workplace is important to support your employees, maximise efficiency, and gain maximum advantage. Here are some points that explain the importance of technology in the workplace.

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Four reasons why technology is so important in the workplace

Improved communication and collaboration

There is no question about this, tech has significantly improved communication and collaboration in the workplace. It has transformed the way we communicate in the workplace, by allowing us to contact anyone around the world in real-time with only a few clicks. Before technology, businesses used to suffer severe losses because of poor communication and employees were not able to deliver work on time, but things have now changed.

With modern technologies in the workplace, communication and collaboration have become as better as they could. Modern tools enable employees to stay in touch with each other at any time and collaborate on various tasks to deliver the best work. Employee portals like ESS BA have further simplified communication and collaboration among employees, allowing a free flow of information.

Increases employee satisfaction and retention

Having the right tech in the workplace has resulted in increased employee satisfaction and retention. When employees are equipped with the wrong tools or outdated technology, it severely hampers their ability to do their job well. This ultimately leads to an unproductive workforce that is not only unengaged with their job but also not unsatisfied with it. On the other hand, if there is the right technology in the workplace that helps employees with their jobs and complements them, it will lead to a more productive, engaged, and satisfied workforce.

Research has shown that the right technology is necessary to keep employees happy, as access to the right tech makes them better and more efficient at their roles. Amid the current hiring shortages and increasing turnover rates, the right technology helps to ensure that your employees are happy with their job position.

Video games in the office showing technology can improve employee satisfaction

Increases productivity

As mentioned earlier, technology in the workplace increases the overall productivity of the entire workforce. Without the latest tech in the workplace, workers used to spend a major share of their working hours taking care of repetitive tasks such as sending emails or processing data. Nowadays, such repetitive tasks are taken care of by technology, which automates such tasks and allows employees to focus on the things that need their attention. This improves productivity in the workplace significantly, giving employees more time to focus on the things that matter.

There are numerous technologies available such as data management systems, HR tools, workforce management solutions, and employee portals like EasyJet Staff Travel that take care of repetitive tasks and give freedom to employees to work on tasks that matter to the company.

Improves customer services

Technology also helps to enhance and elevate customer service. Maintaining a high-quality customer experience is a top priority for many businesses and technology helps with that. With the availability of technologies like live chat support, chatbots, customer relationship management systems, automated ticketing, etc, companies can provide much better and improved customer services. 

Modern-day technology ensures that product information is readily available to customers, facilitates better communication between customers and support teams, and provides personalised interactions, all of which improve customer service.

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