Chinatown Detective Agency prologue launches free on Sept 30

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Revealed today at the GamesRadar+ Future Games Show, Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One is the thrilling prologue of 2021’s highly anticipated Chinatown Detective Agency, coming to Steam for free on September 30. If you missed the big reveal, here’s a hype trailer for you:

Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One is the three-case prologue of General Interactive’s Carmen Sandiego-inspired detective adventure game. Step into the shoes of tough-talking, no-bullshit-taking Private Investigator Amira Darma, as she begins her globe-trotting, conspiracy-fuelled adventure in a world on the brink in 2032.

Amira’s journey begins in Singapore as her first client walks through the doors of the Chinatown Detective Agency…but that’s just the start. Over the course of three substantial cases, you’ll uncover the beginnings of a global conspiracy, meet the cast of uniquely voiced characters, use real-world research and investigation to solve mysteries, manage your detective agency, and explore stunningly rendered neon-drenched pixel art locales.

Day One is the genesis of the game; the ambitious, vast, and unique full experience landing in 2021 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Get acquainted with Amira Darma, learn what it takes to keep the agency afloat, and try to survive taking your first steps in the rich, broken cybernoir future of Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One

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