General Interactive Co, the Singapore-based studio behind wine tycoon sim Terroir, is proud to announce that with seven days of the campaign remaining, cybernoir adventure/management game Chinatown Detective Agency is fully funded on Kickstarter.

Funded in just 24 days, the detective adventure has found a strong, passionate, and kind community that the team at General Interactive would like to sincerely thank for their support and enthusiasm for the upcoming globetrotting detective adventure.

While Chinatown Detective Agency has reached its initial funding target, the goalposts have now shifted with the first three stretch goals revealed earlier today, bringing new and exciting funding targets for the Kickstarter campaign to hit. In addition to the expanded multi-language localisations and The Hong Lim Mahjong Club location stretch goals, General Interactive are delighted to confirm a highly requested stretch goal, a Nintendo Switch release of Chinatown Detective Agency!

Inspired by the Carmen Sandiego classics, Chinatown Detective Agency takes you across Singapore and the world as freshly minted Private Investigator Amira Darma. Hunt down leads, clues, and elusive criminals in an attempt to bring some semblance of justice to a world in chaos. Use real-world research and investigation to crack tough cases, manage your time, money, and staff to keep you and your agency afloat, and make impossible choices to untangle the web of conspiracies that threaten to push the Lion City over the edge. 

Visit the Kickstarter page to become a backer and find out more about Chinatown Detective Agency’s new stretch goals:

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