Acodeon Gaming introduces Chaos on Wheels: Dominate the tracks on October 19th

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Brace yourselves as Acodeon Gaming gears up to drive chaos straight into your gaming devices. Announcing their vehicular combat game, Chaos on Wheels, set to skid into Early Access on October 19th. This high-octane title promises to take car combat to new heights, promising relentless action, a plethora of vehicular choices, and the ambition to ascend the throne as The King of Chaos.

Tailored for chaos enthusiasts

Chaos on Wheels isn’t merely about racing—it’s about domination. It delivers a gameplay experience that prioritises riveting vehicular warfare. The game’s intuitive driving mechanics let players centre their attention where it truly matters: the exhilarating combat.

Back in the garage, players get the creative liberty to craft their ultimate battle car. From state-of-the-art armour and weaponry to flashy paint jobs and intriguing gadgets, the options are vast. And once on the track, players can fully exploit the semi-destructible environments, executing dramatic drifts, jumps, and stunts across a variety of diverse terrains.

Chaos on Wheels car being modified in a garage

Early Access highlights

For those eager to dive into the fray early, the Early Access version is packed:

  • Narrative Arc: A ten-chapter storyline awaits players.
  • Single-Player Glory: Embark on your own Chaos Career.
  • Duo Destruction: Custom battles featuring a split-screen mode for two players.
  • Game Modes: Two distinct modes to challenge your vehicular combat skills.
  • Vast Vehicle Vault: Over 25 distinct vehicles, complemented by a myriad of equipment choices, numerous maps, and a roster of unique drivers.

While the garage management in Early Access will have restricted actions, Acodeon Gaming is all ears for player feedback. Their goal? To refine and polish every aspect as they journey towards the full game launch.

Chaos on Wheels: Gameplay Screenshot 4k Snow Camp Arrow 001 NoHUD

Chaos on Wheels key features

  • Destruction: Engage in electrifying combat with a barrage of bullets, rockets, and missiles. Annihilate foes and leave no trace on semi-destructible arenas.
  • Creation: The garage is your personal war vehicle workshop. Enhance firepower, bolster defences, or jazz up your ride’s aesthetics.
  • Driving Mastery: Choose a driver, and unleash vehicular mayhem. Drift, leap, and stun the opposition with dazzling stunts across multiple maps.
  • Objective Assault: Confront turrets and looming threats hell-bent on your downfall. Triumph to unlock a bounty of new cars, armaments, protective gear, and innovative gadgets. It’s time to reduce the malevolent AI, Helios, to rubble.

Ready to jump-start your chaotic journey? Chaos on Wheels awaits its enthusiasts on Steam come October 19th. To connect with the Chaos Crew and stay updated on the latest, join their official Discord and wishlist the game on Steam.

Chaos on Wheels: Gameplay Screenshot 4k Racetrack Captain 003

Chaos on Wheels official cinematic trailer

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