Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is now available on Xbox One

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The best-selling Car Mechanic Simulator series has been updated with a new title for Xbox One. Car Mechanic Simulator Classic allows you to become a car mechanic and create your own repair service empire. The Classic Edition is based on a game that was very well received upon its PC release. The digital release date for Car Mechanic Simulator Classic has been set for August 14 th this year.

It is the second game in the best-selling car mechanic simulator series to arrive on Xbox One. It follows Car Mechanic Simulator, released in June 2019 to high ratings (Metascore of 75/100).

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is being developed and published by the Polish company Ultimate Games S.A. The game is based on Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, the older edition known from PC, which was very warmly received by the players. The rate of positive Steam reviews for that edition is currently as high as 91%.

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic gameplay fitting an engine

As Ultimate Games S.A. points out, the game offers many different possibilities. The gameplay mainly comes down to repairing cars. Players can accept various orders to earn money and later spend them on e.g. expanding the workshop and improving their skills. The game allows you to, among others, purchase devastated cars on auctions in order to later repair and sell them at an appropriate profit or keep them in your collection.

In Car Mechanic Simulator Classic, each of the available cars consists of several hundred separate parts (e.g. interior, engine and body parts), and a given vehicle can be completely disassembled, piece by piece. In total, there are 8 different types of cars available.

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic offers the same content as the original PC version. We have, of course, adapted it to the specifics of the Microsoft console. For fans of the series playing on Xbox One, it’s another dose of good fun in the car repair shop. For people who have never played Car Mechanic Simulator before, it is a great way to get to know the series.

Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A.

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic – main features:

  • Create a repair service empire;
  • Advanced order system;
  • Each car consists of several hundred separate parts;
  • Wide possibilities of developing your workshop and skills;
  • Auction system;
  • Your own collection of cars.

The release date for Car Mechanic Simulator Classic on Xbox One has been set to August 14th 2020.

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