Season 4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III update

by Ben Enos
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Yesterday, May 29th, 2024 COD dropped its new season 4 updates for its current titles. With a new season comes new maps, weapons battlepass and much more! Alongside the MW3 update, there are updates for Warzone and Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty has been my go-to game for around 15 years now, except for a couple of years I took off to play Apex when it launched. It may be a lot of the same year in and out but I like the smaller maps and being able to hop in for a quick 10-15min game when needed. Now, with the Ground War mode in MW III, I have found sniping to be almost therapeutic at times!

Season 4 Multiplayer Maps

As promised with Season 4, they are doing what they can to release new maps and Season 4 is looking amazing! From what we can see there are new Tokyo and Paris maps to start the season off and there will be Incline and Dar Gross coming sometime mid-season.

These maps are all for the core gameplay and are designed for the 6v6 game modes. They offer a mix of small and medium-sized areas to frag your opponents until your heart is content.


Dive into Tokyo’s electrifying nightlife with this mid-sized season 4 Multiplayer map, perfect for late-night skirmishes amidst shopping, entertainment, and a haven for the travel-weary. Clash for control of the map’s prime power spots: the Hotel and Manga buildings, standing face-to-face across the main road. Beyond these hotspots, the action remains ground-level.

Close-ranged Loadouts dominate in the Arcade and Center Courtyard at the map’s top, where kiosks and seating areas create plenty of cover. The Hotel and Metro Station at the map’s far ends are fortified positions ideal for holding off enemy advances. Use these strongholds to repel attacks until you’re ready to push forward.


Head to the City of Lights for an intense showdown on this mid-sized season 4 map, centered around the dominant Police Station and Gallery. Stay on the ground level as you navigate the surrounding streets or take the fight into one of the two main buildings. Don’t overlook the smaller interior spaces, like the Bookstore and Shop, which offer overhead cover and are generally less conspicuous than the larger central buildings.

Engage in combat around an L-shaped cubicle in the Police Station’s main office or maneuver through the cell block and lobby. The Gallery features a tighter layout with exhibits branching off into separate hallways. Evidence of a break-in is marked by blasts in the Police Station wall near the cell block and another leading into the Gallery. Utilize ambulances and police cars for much-needed cover as you move along the roads.


Deploy to an isolated research outpost nestled in the snowy mountains of Urzikstan in this mid-sized season 4 map centred around the main transport facility. Scale the red container or the low roof along the top path to gain the high ground over your enemies, and use strategically placed objects to climb into the building.

Take advantage of the funicular’s lower carriage for a great vantage point over the bottom lane. Just be cautious not to slip down the mountainside when exiting the carriage. Mid-ranged Loadouts excel along the outer perimeter, while close-ranged weapons dominate inside the main facility and the smaller buildings near each starting spawn.

CoD Season 4 Incline Map

Das Gross

An eerie orange mist shrouds the air, while grotesque preternatural tendrils and flapping tentacles envelop the once-familiar high-rise construction site known as Das Haus. Every corner has been overtaken, transforming it into a nightmarish alien landscape. Brace yourself for Das Gross, soon to be added to the season 4 Vortex map Playlist.

CoD Season 4 Das Gross Map

Multiplayer Modes

There are a few new and updated modes coming in Season 4! Demolition is back for the first time since season 3 of Modern Warfare. This mode is similar to CS:GO as you race to defuse bombs or defend them.

  • Hyper Cranked looks to be a crazy twist on traditional Team Deathmatch with everything being faster than normal. Can you beat the clock before you blow up?
  • Havoc is going to be COD’s take on a classic arena shooter. With plenty of modifiers to gameplay along the way, do you have what it takes to be the champion team?
  • Headshots Only – Yup, the name says it all. You will need to make sure you have your aim on point as there is no other way to get kills. Get your loadout ready and challenge yourself to the ultimate battle of skill!

And Much More

There are so many new updates that it would take us forever to list them all. It is worth heading over to the Call of Duty Blog – Season 4 update page to check them all out!

Whether you are playing MW III, Warzone, or Warzone Mobile, I think we can all agree that we all win when there is so much new content released at once. What’s even better is some of the content comes out Mid-season so you won’t get bored with it as quickly and will have some nice new updates to keep spirits high while finishing up season 4.

Let us know what your favourite Call of Duty game and mode is in the comments or on our socials! To keep up to date with all the latest in gaming, please check out our Gaming News Section.

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