Bus Mechanic Simulator Out Now!

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Today the publisher Aerosoft proudly announces their release of the Bus Mechanic Simulator for Windows PC – a bus repair shop simulation accurate in every detail. The game is available at Steam for 24.99 EUR / 24.99 USD / 22.60 GBP.

About Bus Mechanic Simulator

Experts from MAN Truck & Bus SE, a leading bus manufacturer, have supported the game’s development. The MAN busses have been modelled accurately to the detail and have, depending on the model, 2,700 to 3,400 parts, which all can be dismantled, replaced and repaired.

With the provided tools players can perform typical mechanic’s work such as a simple wheel exchange, maintenance work of the door control system or a very complex gearbox replacement. Next to very urgently required repairs of the engine and the electrics, players can expect even more in the later game: There is an additional hall with a test block where the player can check brakes, dampers and lighting systems automatically. The three MAN bus types – solo (regular), articulate and double-decker – are awaiting help from competent PC bus mechanics.

The community of the bus fans is really big and diverse. Because of years of experience with bus fans, mainly through our best selling Omnibus Simulator 2, we have good rapport with this target audience. Bus Mechanic Simulator closes a gap in the market, as a mechanics simulation for busses has not been made before.

Winfried Dieckmann, CEO and founder of Aerosoft
Bus Mechanic Simulator gameplay screenshot of buses being repaired

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