Bungie Day just started! Every year on the seventh day of the seventh month, Bungie joins fans in celebrating the community and reflecting on friendships and sharing stories. Bungie Day is about bonds forged in battle, telling stories about the past and looking forward to the future.


When attending a celebration, you should always choose something nice to wear – something festive. The Bungie Store has you covered. They’re even having a sale!

During this pandemic, sick kids around the world are needing to be isolated from family and friends, and limit their exposure to critical care workers. A portion of your Bungie Store purchase will support the Bungie Foundation’s efforts to keep kids connected, engaged, and entertained during this challenging time.


Update 2.9.1 happened right in the middle of Bungie Day, so you have updates in the game to enjoy. More guests have arrived to the party as a dark influence grows across the system. The Contact public event is now on Titan and a new Exotic quest awaits you in the Tower.

Patch notes are now live if you want to get more details on what this update is changing and what bugs are being squashed.  

That’s not all in store for you. Keep reading to learn how you can triumph over the Darkness.


The annual tradition of Guardians rising to the occasion returns today as Moments of Triumph is now live. There are challenges that await you and rewards should you succeed. For the full details, visit the official Moments of Triumph page.

Here is a quick look at the rewards.

For the truly committed, a new Seal and the “MMXX” title will be available for completing all 28 Triumphs, including some Triumphs that will go live during Solstice of Heroes in August. These must be completed during Season of Arrivals, but you can continue to show off your exclusive title in future Seasons as proof of your dedication.


Starting today, the weekly reward limit is being removed from five featured raids. You will be able to farm rewards, including Exotics, from the main encounters as much as you like. Secret chests will still remain on a weekly limit. Here are the five featured raids:

  • Leviathan
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Spire of Stars
  • Crown of Sorrow
  • Scourge of the Past

There will also be some cosmetic items available for completing the five featured raids.

  • Leviathan Triumph completion offers the Contender’s Ghost Shell and shaders
  • Eater Triumph completion offers shaders
  • Spire Triumph completion offers the Luxurious Toast emote and shaders
  • Crown Triumph completion offers shaders 
  • Scourge Triumph completion offers shaders

Completing all 5 of the featured raids grants players a special emblem along with the ability to purchase a special raid ring through Bungie Rewards.


As you celebrate with your friends and clanmates, be inspired by the gift that gaming gives us all – an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and immerse ourselves in stories and adventures that are bigger than ourselves. Bungie is grateful to extend the power of gaming and entertainment to kids, who at this very minute, are in the hospital for any number of reasons that are stressful and scary, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic that requires kids to be isolated from their family and friends.

Help bring the power of gaming, communication, and connection to thousands of young patients who need a little extra hope and laughter these days.

This year, there are two unique options to help you connect in whatever way resonates with you! 

A direct donation of $25 or more will earn you the Bungie Foundation Destiny 2 emblem. Head HERE to donate today. 100% of your donation will support the iPads for Kids Program!

*Note: A unique emblem code will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your donation. One emblem per donor.

Head to the Eververse store to find the Exotic Empathetic Ghost Shell! 100% of profits will support the iPads for Kids Program!

*Note: Perks include the following:

  • Guiding Light
  • Speed Demon
  • Random Destination Perk

Check out some new wallpapers:

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