Bug Academy will soon launch on Switch and Xbox One

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Bug Academy will be released on Nintendo Switch as early as March 23. It’s a 2.5D action game brimming with joyful chaos, allowing players to train various types of insects. Bug Academy previously arrived on PC to a very positive reception. In the second quarter of 2020, the title will also be released on Xbox One.

Bug Academy debuted on PC in January this year. The game will be available in digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) as early as March 23 and is scheduled to premiere on Xbox One in the next quarter. The company responsible for the conversions and publishing Bug Academy on consoles is Ultimate Games S.A.

The action game created by the Polish studio Igrek Games has been very well received by players – as of today, 100% of the reviews on Steam are positive.

In Bug Academy, players can train different insects, including flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees. The gameplay consists of performing various unusual activities, such as working in a mine, extinguishing fires, guarding animals on pastures or launching rockets. The developers have created 33 highly diverse levels/lessons filled with interactive elements. The players can also take advantage of the unique abilities of individual insect species.

Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games S.A. commented:

The game is intended for both younger and older players. The gameplay assumptions are not too complicated, but achieving the best results in individual missions is quite a challenge. Bug Academy offers intense fun full of surprising solutions. All this joyful chaos is accompanied by charming graphics, catchy melodies and the right dose of humour.

Bug Academy gameplay with flies mixing soup

Bug Academy – main features:

  • insect training;
  • flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees;
  • intense and humour-filled gameplay;
  • joyful chaos;
  • 33 different levels/lessons;
  • interactive world;
  • charming graphics;
  • insecty soundtrack.

The release date for Nintendo Switch has been set to March 23, and as early as Q2 2020 the game is scheduled to launch on Xbox One.

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