Brighten Up Lockdown With Some Divine Tips From the Light Realm

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Want all the glory? Want a medal too? Here are some hard and fast ways to trip the light realm, fantastically, in Era of Celestials’ all-new Light Realm

From today, you can head towards the light in Era of Celestials; the newly-added Light Realm is not easy to navigate, so we’re putting out some handy tips for those of you checking out the games latest new divinity realm. Below we have compiled some tips to help players to pass the realm. If you want a chance at grabbing the best resources on offer, start immediately.

There are three skills to BOSS: Lightbane: 

Bright Field
Bright field will choose the player with the highest hatred to create a bright field, and players in the field will suffer heavy damage.
Tip: Watch your positioning and don’t stand in the damage field!

Sword of Light
Lightbane will summon the Sword of Light. During the continued existence of the holy sword, Lightbane continues to restore blood.
Tip: Focus damage on the Sword of Light

Empowered Light
Lightbane enters a violent state, increasing attack speed and damage.
Tip: Defeat Lightbane and prevent it from healing itself as soon as possible

Medal of Glory
The all-new system is divided into three parts: Season Medal Display, Personal Medal Backpack and Medal Inlay. It can be earned in various gameplays including the Strongest Vanquisher, Divinity Realm, Temple of War, and the Spirit Realm of the Soul. The Medal backpack is used to display all the medals that the player has obtained and the unlocked total attributes of all medals. After a player unlocks a medal, it must be activated in the personal medal backpack. Players can wear the medals they have obtained to get the attributes and skills of the medals. The medal of the strongest king and the war of the Gods has the attribute of the season. When the new season ends, the season attributes of the old season will become invalid.

New True Soul: Sacred Oracle
This cute little elysian can increase 30% DMG Bonus and 10% ATK Bonus. Don’t underestimate Sacred Oracle’s power just because of their adorable appearance.

New Sacred Blade: Abyssal Slicer
In a fatal accident, The Sun King (rather ironically) burned himself, preventing the abyss from appearing. However, the devil collected the fragments of the abyss and created the Abyssal Slicer using his own magic power as a medium. Its active skill, Nether Grip, calls upon power from the nether to deal damage to monsters and damage to players. Abyssal Slicer also deals Dark DMG and applies a Bleed to enemies hit dealing damage per second for 5 seconds.

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