Bright Memory Brings Swordplay and Gunfights to Xbox Series X|S Today

by Chris Camilleri
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Launch Title for Microsoft’s New Console Precedes 2021’s Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory, the high-octane, visually stunning first-person shooter made by a solo developer at FYQD Studio and published by PLAYISM, today leaps onto Microsoft’s new hardware powerhouses, the Xbox Series X|S. The launch title sets the stage for FYQD Studio’s next title Bright Memory Infinite, which will push Xbox Series X|S and PC hardware to its limits in 2021.

Bright Memory showcases the power of the Xbox Series X|S running at a locked 60 frames per second at 4K on Series X and 1440p on Series S. Get into the game faster than ever with lightning-quick load times and Quick Resume support thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

Bright Memory combines the visceral gunplay of fast-paced first-person shooters with the frantic mayhem of hyper-stylish action games. Master a combo-focused combat system by dashing, slashing, shooting, grappling, and using special pulse abilities to rack up high-level combo ranks with fast, fluid combat. Upgrade Special Operative Sheila’s skills to unleash deadly new ways to defeat enemies and discover collectibles hidden throughout a bizarre floating continent.

bright memory

Fight a private military organization on the Floating Island over the North Pole for control of a strange material that can raise the dead. Sheila must fend off mercenaries while escaping and contend with mythological creatures coming to life that wish to destroy her, including a climactic showdown with an ancient god of war.

“Bringing the exciting world and gameplay of Bright Memory to the hands of Xbox players is one of the best ways to start a new generation of gaming,” said Xiancheng Zeng, sole developer, FYQD Studio. “The Xbox’s history is synonymous with great first-person shooters, and I am so grateful to Microsoft to say that Bright Memory was an Xbox launch first-person shooter. I hope everyone’s time with the game leaves them with a bright, lasting memory that will keep you excited until the release of the follow-up Bright Memory Infinite in 2021.”

Bright Memory is now available for the Xbox Series X|S for $7.99 available with support for English and Japanese voice and text, and Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese language text. Bright Memory Infinite, the sequel to Bright Memory, releases for PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2021.

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