Breathtaking Fantasy Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Out Now on Steam, GOG and Google Stadia

by Chris Camilleri
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Type to save the world as Nanotale releases today!

The Typing Chronicles franchise is expanding! Join Rosalind, a novice Archivist, on her journey to save the world as the anticipated fantasy typing adventure Nanotale launches on Steam, GOG and Google Stadia today for £15.49/$19.99/19.99€. As the spiritual successor to Epistory, created by indie developer Fishing Cactus, Nanotale revolutionises typing as players type to wield magic and cast spells to defeat enemies and unravel the secrets of the dying world. Buy Nanotale within the first two weeks of release on Steam and get a free copy of Epistory to dive into!


Nanotale tells a captivating tale of a fantasy world on the brink of destruction, as the last remnants of magic are dying out. Play as Rosalind as you set out on a journey through the vast magical valley to collect nature samples and catalogue mysterious coincidences, in an attempt to unravel the secrets surrounding the looming demise of their world.

“We’re delighted to share that Nanotale is now available on Steam, GOG and Google Stadia! It’s been a dream to develop the ultimate typing adventure and we’ve learned so much from Epistory and our time in Early Access” said Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus. “We want to share Nanotale with as many people as possible and can’t wait for players to experience it!”

Nanotale combines the best elements from typing, adventure and RPG games as players stumble upon and interact with other characters, solve challenging puzzles, and unleash impressive magical abilities to defeat foes and discover mysteries in the fantasy world. Everything from movement to combat, even to menu controls, is accomplished by typing on a keyboard, thus challenging players to sharpen their typing skills throughout the game. Nanotale is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Nanotale is now available on Steam, GOG and Google Stadia for £15.49/$19.99/19.99€. Visit the official Nanotale website. Follow Nanotale on Facebook and Twitter.

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