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Bloober Team, the makers of Blair WitchObserver and Layers of Fear, today announced their collaboration with voice actor Troy Baker, singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, alongside legendary composer Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, for The Medium, the third-person psychological horror game coming to Xbox Series X and PC via Steam in Holiday 2020.

Troy Baker will voice The Maw, the main spirit world entity and antagonist in The Medium. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, having worked together with legendary game composer Akira Yamaoka on the Silent Hill series, will be providing her vocals for the original soundtrack. The three will be bringing their unique talent and passion from their previous work together to what is Bloober Team’s largest and most ambitious project to date.

The Medium Bloober Team's Talent Reveal

In addition to today’s announcement of the talent collaboration, creators from The Medium development team have shared the first episode of the Behind the Scenes series for the game.

This episode offers a deeper look at several key insights about the game such as the main theme – how perspective changes your perception. Furthermore, Bloober Team discusses what it means to play as a medium through the main character Marianne, who can live and interact between two worlds, the real and spirit, and what exactly is the Spirit World and what their inspirations are for it in The Medium.
Pre-Orders for The Medium are now open for both the Xbox Series X and PC via Steam on for £41.74 / €49.99. Players who pre-order the game on PC via Steam will get a complete set of The Medium original soundtrack, featuring a ‘dual’ score soundtrack by Yamaoka-san along with Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski, and also containing The Art of The Medium as a digital artbook.

Watch the new first episode from Bloober Team’s Behind the Scenes series for The Medium below:

Developed and published by Bloober TeamThe Medium will launch on Xbox Series X and PC via Steam during Holiday 2020.
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