Blocks Tracks Trains is unveiled in all its glory on PC and Steam Deck

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Blocks Tracks Trains is a limitless sandbox developed by a one-man Indie developer, Splenbit. Actually, it is not a game, but rather a creative building toy that offers endless possibilities. There are no real obstacles or goals to overcome, and there are no resources or hours of grinding to be had. The game has already garnered a lot of interest since its soft release a few months back, and it has been improved and extended. The full release of Blocks Tracks Trains is now available on PC and Steam Deck, and it promises to fascinate and entertain players eager for something different.

One of the most interesting features of Blocks Tracks Trains is that you can generate a random chunk of terrain to start your build. You can modify the landscape any way you want, and unlike other train set builders, the terrain can be fully sculpted, allowing you to have tunnels, overhangs, and more. You can use various materials like stone, soil, gravel, grass, sand, and more to build a voxel world. You can also build freely placeable scaffolds for your voxel buildings.

Blocks Tracks Trains gameplay screenshot

With Blocks Tracks Trains, you can build houses, bridges, mansions, castles, towers, lighthouses, villas, and more from little blocks of wood, brick, and stone. You can design your own locomotives and carriage, and almost anything can be painted. You can freely mix colours from the palette, and there is also glowing paint and a matching Night View mode. Train tracks are easy to build using a spline system and can handle complex track layouts. You can set up a track network and watch your trains go on a journey.

The visuals of Blocks Tracks Trains aim to imitate a “grown-up’s” model train set, not a children’s toy. You can play in a top-down view or in a first-person view. There is a Play Mode in which you can play with your train set: locomotives and switches can be controlled by hand, and vehicles coupled with other vehicles. Trains can be as complex as you like, with no limitation on the number of wagons or locomotives. Full support for shunting operations.

Finally, Blocks Tracks Trains will soon integrate with Steam Workshop, allowing players to share their creations with others. In conclusion, Blocks Tracks Trains is not a glorified train construction set, but rather a fantastic

Blocks Tracks Trains v1.7 trailer

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