Beyond 1500 Days and Legacy of Discord is Still Flying High

by MaddOx
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As Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings passes its 1500th day on app stores, players are invited to celebrate in style, with opportunities to send in-game greeting cards to fellow combatants or indulge in a brand-new gameplay mode. 

The celebratory mode, dubbed ‘Football Fury’,  is a crossover between ARPG battle and — at least by approximation… NFL? Taking the form of a cross-server PvP 3V3 event, the aim is to gain as much possession of the ball and score as many points as possible. Participants receive one point every time they have possession of the ball and the general aim is to get to the other end without losing it. Unlike NFL, there are numerous obstacles which don’t take the form of huge athletic individuals trying to grind you into the dirt. No, in this game you need to beware of banana peels, asphalt traps and ink! 

In addition to the new gameplay mode, brand-new equipment will be making itself known, with players collecting the necessary pieces before unlocking Galactic Armory. Each piece contains an Astral Path and Avatar, both of which offer bonus attributes. Players will also notice the astral slots on the illuminated sacred beast avatar. Illuminating astral slots unlocks Critical Damage, and once the avatar itself is unlocked it will block fatal damage, recover HP and even offer temporary invincibility.

There are three types of avatar up for grabs, each of which has different trigger requirements. Choose carefully, as each player can only equip one avatar!

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