Best Video Editing Software for Gamers

by Chris Camilleri
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The gaming channels have been in rage these days; they have gained a lot of traction. Capturing games and uploading videos allows them to showcase their gameplay to a wider audience on popular video sharing platforms. 

Creating gameplay videos is a two-step process wherein gamers capture footage from games using OBS or Shadowplay (game capture tools). Later, with the help of a video-editing softwares, transform the footage into regular videos that can be uploaded on popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. 

Hence, video editing software becomes a crucial link in getting the gameplay videos across to a broader audience. This article primarily seeks to spell out video editing programs that are ideal for gamers for creating gameplay videos. 

Let’s look at each of the video editing software one-by-one:

  1. InVideo

This is an online video editor and is suited for beginners and marketers who want to create content fast. It allows video editing without needing any in-depth knowledge and allows the creation of professionally produced videos. 

Once a user signs-up on the website, tons of features would allow gamers to create videos with visual appeal. InVideo even allows the export of videos in HD. Overall it is one of the quick means for creating engaging videos within no time. Users are allowed to create up to 60 videos with the free plan, which is more than enough for the average gamer. 

  1. DaVinci Resolve

This is non-linear video editing software that comes in a free version. It allows gamers to cut together videos, color them, and even add special effects. It comes with enough free software features but would not measure up to paid video editing software features. 

The software is created by Black Magic Design and was originally intended to be a colorist suite. Later the software was incorporated with a timeline feature allowing users to edit videos within the program. The program still allows users to color grade videos. This full suite is available for download without any limitations. By and large, it comes with all the essential features required in a video editing program.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is a video editing program that is used by some of the finest video professionals working on feature-length films and YouTube content. This makes it one of the costliest video editing programs available to the average user. 

Being a technical program comes with a steep learning curve but once mastered, it becomes a powerful tool allowing the creation of stunning visual effects, automatic video tracks, and other time-saving features. If you are someone familiar with the Adobe ecosystem, then you would feel very much at home with this program. A user can access Adobe Premiere Pro for a price tag of $20 per month. That said, it is not really meant for someone just getting started with video editing.

  1. Windows Movie Maker 

This is software meant for Windows users, and Microsoft has recently come out with the latest version of the software. Although it lacks many features seen in popular video editing software, it allows the user to cut videos and add music. 

None of the advanced effects options is seen in the software, and it is basically a stripped-down version of a non-linear editing program. It is perfect for users with PCs running on Windows, but users are recommended to keep it as a second choice behind DaVinci Resolve among free software options. 

  1. Final Cut Pro

For a one-time fee of $299, all Mac gamers can access Final Cut Pro (FCP) for editing purposes. This all-inclusive editing suite is quite similar in style to Adobe Premiere Pro. The only major difference is that FCP comes with fewer effects and does not allow dynamic linking with other editing programs. The most notable feature of the software is the motion graphic templates.

FCP is a great tool for bringing together gaming montages or commentaries. It comes with so many features that with a few clicks, you can jazz up the video’s production quality with incredible ease. It also comes with powerful codecs and formats, including Apples’ high fidelity format. Overall, it is a known software viable for professional use without the burden of a monthly fee.   

  1. Wondershare Filmora9

It is one of the inexpensive options for both Mac and Windows users, and it is often termed as the best video editor for gamers. It comes with more than 300 effects, text, voiceovers along with cropping, splitting, and trimming abilities. 

This comes with a modern, user-friendly interface, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), good graphics, and transitions, previously found only in more expensive video editing programs. But with all the features mentioned above, it is still geared towards the beginner. Best suited for someone who is not keen on any hardcore editing of gameplay recording and prefers cheap and easy video editing tools. 

  1. iMovie

This software comes bundled with every MacOS computer for free and is a complete non-linear editing system. The software is known to be so effective that many of the professional editors got started with it. Technically speaking, it is a stripped-down version of paid options available on this list. iMovie looks pretty similar to the professional programs and comes with several free audio and visual assets as part of the program. This is primarily meant for a Mac user who is not looking to spend anything extra for editing for their gaming footage.

  1. Lightworks Pro Video Editor

This is supposed to cater to an audience looking for professional capabilities in video editing software and a hefty price tag. Being a technical program, it is not easy to master and is not at all aligned for beginners, with the interface not offering any help for novices for getting started. That said, it is suitable for gamers who are looking for a reliable video editing program. On the whole, it is meant for the busy user who is aiming for substantial game-related video output.


Given the amount of craze for gaming, it is not surprising that gamers are publishing video content meant for a wider audience. But, their core expertise lies with gaming, and mastering video editing software is secondary when it comes to gamers. Hence, most gamers reading this write-up and getting started with publishing videos online must go with software with an easy interface that does not involve a steep learning curve. Ultimately, it is all about producing decent enough video content that finds resonance with the viewing audience. This tool here is suitable for beginners or experts to end up their video looking more professional. 

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