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THQ Nordic and the Drone Champions League AG are looking for the next Drone Racing Champion, yes, we are looking for you! Drone Champions League – The Game will release on February 18th, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One – and you can start your career as a professional Drone Pilot right in the game. DCL – The Game is used for training and even for qualifying for the official Drone Champions League, and simulates the true racing experience. It’s even possible to connect an authentic drone transmitter to your PC!

Watch the latest trailer:

Herbert Weirather, CEO and founder of the Drone Champions League commented:

With DCL – The Game we are finally able to transfer the real operations of Drone Champions League into a game simulation. We are very excited to offer the gaming community the gateway to eventually become a professional drone pilot and compete in real life DCL events down the line.

Jan Binsmaier, Publishing Director THQ Nordic added:

THQ Nordic is very happy to support this project. DCL – The Game offers an amazing opportunity to learn how to fly a drone. And it’s not only a pure simulation – it’s fun, too.

DCL – The Game is a (drone) racing sim, where players control authentic and also crazy drones, that manoeuvre at extremely high velocities through impressive tracks. Racing through the streets of Torino (Italy) or over the Great Wall in China is a tough challenge and a unique experience. Not only the velocity makes the drones special to fly, but also the very small turning circle. Although the flight model of the drones stays very close to reality, the drone models do not. You can fly a fluffy unicorn or even a brick.

About Drone Champions League – The Game

  • Authenticity: DCL The Game is modelled closely on real-life drone flight behaviour – so close that the top-performing pilots in the game can compete in the DCL Draft Selection, where pilots will be drafted to real-life racing teams competing in the DCL
  • Four distinct flight modes: select from four different models: Arcade mode is perfect for beginners, thanks to the automated altitude control and simplified controls. GPS Mode flies like your standard camera drone, with stabilisation and altitude control. ANGLE MODE, also known as a stabilised mode on some models is available on most amateur racing drones. ACRO MODE gives the pilot more control, this is how real drone racing and freestyle pilots control their drones
  • Drone controller support; fly the game with the actual drone remote controller (PC and Mac)
  • Game modes: free flight, time attack and online multiplayer (up to 30 people)
  • Choose from 27 different tracks ranging from Torino (Italy), the Great Wall of China (China), Laax (Switzerland), Neom (Saudi Arabia), to many other racing locations
  • Physical presets: choose from three unique physicals presets for your drone: lightweight, DC19-Standard, and heavyweight for a very different flight behaviour. Highly realistic flight physics in these three setups keep competition balanced.
  • Leaderboard: Global leaderboard for each platform


  • Standard Edition PC: USD 29.99 / EUR 29.99 / GBP 24.99
  • Standard Edition Consoles: USD 39.99 / EUR 39.99 / GBP 34.99

Ambitions and plans for DCL – The Game post-release

  • Make DCL real-life tracks available in-game prior to the actual event – qualifying for real-life races takes place inside the game
  • Track editor which allows the creation of individual tracks (PC only)
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