Avorion Trailer Shows Impressive Ship Generator

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A few centuries ago, an unknown cataclysmic event nearly tore the galaxy apart and spawned unsurmountable hyperspace rifts throughout the entire galaxy. Since then, the center of the galaxy has been cut off from the rest and a mysterious alien species, the Xsotan, has turned up there. Avorion is a procedurally generated sci-fi sandbox where players start out at the edge of the galaxy and must find their way to its core. Players build their own ships, which they will use to explore the galaxy, trade and fight. Space ships are mainly of large scale, with crews, turrets and energy systems that you will have to manage. The galaxy gets more hostile, but also more rewarding the closer players get to its core. You’re free to play however you want, as a mercenary, freighter captain, admiral, scavenger or pirate, it’s all up to you.

About Avorion;

Konstantin developed Avorion from scratch for over four years as a hobby. Several free demos were released over the first years and a small community formed around the game. During this time, Konstantin met Hannes, who turned out to be a great composer for the game. Three years after the first demo release, a trailer was made and the game was put on Steam Greenlight in December 2015. Only 9 days later the game was greenlit. After the positive reception on Steam Greenlight, the former one-man-team was extended by a new member, Philipp. After the successful funding of a Kickstarter campaign in Mai 2016, the team is now working towards the Steam Early Access release of the game.


  • Procedural Galaxy, Factions, Ships and Space Stations
  • Co-op Multiplayer
  • Commanding of large scale Battleships
  • Ship Building with various Materials and Blocks
  • Space Combat with large Battles, fully destructible Ships, Loot and Boss Fights
  • Dozens of different Weapons and Upgrades
  • Dynamic Trade System including Smuggling
  • Day 1 Mod Support

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