Avorion: 5 Beginner Tips for Space Pilots from Game Veteran

by MaddOx
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In space sandbox games as extensive as Avorion, new players have endless opportunities. To make sure that they can progress quickly from the beginning, the experienced player TenguKnight, who has been playing Avorion since its Early Access launch, has compiled the following tips for all aspiring space pilots:

1. Let others do the work

The modern space pilot lets others work for him. A second ship can independently mine resources with equipped mining lasers and a hired captain. This method allows players to easily build a large fleet in a short time and devote themselves to the really important tasks, like building a gigantic galactic empire!

Command Miner
Command Miner

2. Confrontations are dangerous.

Everyone has to start somewhere. In Avorion, players do not start with fully equipped battleships, but with small transporters, which are very vulnerable to attacks. Especially at the beginning, players should steer clear of confrontations and avoid yellow marked sectors, which are full of pirates and smugglers.

Gate Network
Gate Network

3. Money rules the universe

If business is bad or a war has drained resources, there are many ways to earn money fast. For example, ship upgrades and turrets can be sold at the Space Equipment Docks. But also huge asteroids serve as a good source of income. Players can claim them for themselves and then resell them to the highest bidder. There’s at least one of them in each start sector.

Yellow Dots
Yellow Dots

4. Energy, yes! Nuclear power? No thanks! 

I recommend investing in stations with solar power plants. In sectors with high energy demand, these can help players to quickly establish a secure and stable source of income.

Solar Power Plant
Solar Power Plant

5. Do-it-yourself: Shipbuilding has never been easier!

For players who don’t have enough time to explore the extensive shipbuilding kit, Avorion offers to use the Steam Workshop to take on finished construction plans. If even this is too time-consuming for you, take a look at the new Ship Generator, which is able to procedurally generate even large battleships.

Avorion Workshop Blueprints
Workshop Blueprints

The official release of Avorion, which has reached over 250.000 sales on Steam, is planned for spring 2020.

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