Automotive CRM – A Way to Earn More Loyal Customers for Car Dealers

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Over the past few years, technological advancement has been on a high increase, and organizations are required to adopt new possibilities and techniques to deliver excellent services that meet customers’ demands and expectations. In the automobile industry, this is no exception.

Before now, sales agents carried out repetitive tasks such as manual sales car analysis and manually creating and inputting customer data which can be very laborious and quite below standard. But now, with an automotive CRM tool, sales, marketing, and the entire customer service processes can be simplified, consequently leading to more flexibility and sales for car dealers.

Studies also show that incorporating a CRM tool can increase the revenue of a business by up to a minimum of 41%, making it an important factor in the success of a business. With the ever-changing modes of inventory, financing, service departments, and more, leveraging a CRM is essential to stay afloat in the highly competitive dealership industry.

In this article, Hanna Schnaider outlines the reasons you need a CRM and the key benefits attached to using it, as well as the best CRM platform you can find. 

Let’s plunge into it.

What’s An Automotive CRM?

Simply defined, an automotive CRM is a sales, customer service, and marketing tool that displays, simplifies, and tracks the buying journey of the customers in the automobile industry. The software is designed for car dealers to help manage and build relationships and communication between clients and prospects.

Most often, automotive CRM tools are incorporated with the dealer management system (DMS) to eliminate duplicate or multiple entries of customer data. This tool doesn’t just automate the working process alone, it also makes communication and interaction between customers, manufacturers, and car dealers easier and more efficient.

Any car dealer or expert in the automobile business can leverage many functions, advantages, and features by incorporating automotive customer relationship management (CRM) software into their workflow.

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Why Choose An Automobile CRM Over A General CRM?

Scattered across the internet you’ll find various CRM tools that are quite efficient and used by leading companies around the world…. So why should you choose an automobile CRM tool instead of these generic tools littered across the net?

Quite simple. The automobile CRM tools are specifically designed and configured in such a way that car dealers can store customer data and manage relationships much easier and better.  You have access to the entire customer records, leads, and other necessary features. It’s exclusively designed for the automobile industry, making operation processes and functions more adapted and suitable.

On the other hand, some of the features you’ll find using a general CRM tool might not be usable for car dealership functions.

Benefits Of An Automotive CRM

Here are the primary benefits of using an automotive CRM tool:

Increase in Sales

Automotive CRM tools have a great feature that allows dealers to connect with multiple paying clients on different platforms such as social media, connected automobiles, or even mobile applications. That way, car dealers can have access to get more clients to patronize them and make more sales. More so, the software has a feature that allows salespeople to stay connected with clients and close more deals.

Constant Communication

Car dealers need to keep in touch with their customers now and then, so they don’t turn elsewhere for their car deals. You must be there to answer their queries, inquiries and help them overcome their objections. Adopting a CRM tool helps make this easier by providing you with a platform that helps manage all your messages, emails, and calls.

Manages Customer’s Data

Before now, managing data used to require tons of hard work and time. But with the aid of an automotive CRM, dealers can manage customer data in a completely harmonious location with an appropriate format.


With automotive CRM, you can ease yourself and your team of those hectic, repetitive workloads that make life increasingly hard. The tool generally schedules and automates every task when possible without any itch, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Tires promoting the future of Automotive CRM

Best Automotive CRM Platforms For Increasing Your Car Sales


Popularly used by large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses, Salesforce offers a range of customizable tools such as data management, lead management, customer management, and others that are adequately tailored to the long list of businesses and industries they are serving.

They offer different support to their customers such as:

  • Online classes
  • Webinars 
  • Tutorials and others 

Other capabilities of this tool include calling a customer directly from the browser and more.


  • Essentials edition: goes for $25/month
  • Professional edition: goes for $75/month
  • Enterprise edition: goes for $150/month
  • Unlimited edition: goes for $300/month
DealershipSocket CRM

DealershipSocket is award-winning software that allows dealership departments involved in sales to save more time, close more deals and get the best results. The tool is a one-stop-shop for dealership marketing, making marketing processes and sales quite easier and flexible.

More so, it offers different suites integrated tools that scale sales, service vehicles and provides a great customer experience. 

The tool uniquely tracks both inbound and outbound calls in such a way that managers can evaluate them afterwards. The company headquarters is located in Irving, Texas.

Pricing: available upon contact


Looking for an easy-to-use CRM? AutoRaptor is a system that allows you to customize your workflows and reports quite efficiently and easily. The tool features process automation, mobile access, and lead management as well as advanced data mining capability.

Furthermore, the app allows salespeople to send bulk text messages to clients. CRM’s other features also include sales trend reporting, forecasting, DMS sales data integration, inventory feed, and built-in telephony.

Pricing: available upon contact.

Wrapping Up

Having an automotive CRM tool alongside your car dealership business is essential in getting things done quickly while concentrating on important tasks. Follow the steps above and you can easily find one. Do you need help choosing or implementing a CRM that perfectly matches your business? Contact us at Fortyseven Software Professionals here and we’ll choose the best for you.

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