The New Legends Ultimate Arcade

by MaddOx
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Liberty Games, the UK’s biggest games and arcade retailer. They would like to introduce you to an exciting new product – the AtGames Legends Ultimate 300 arcade machine.

It arrives with 300 classic games preloaded, and its highly-connectible nature makes it easy to load on many more.

It is compatible with ROM and emulator software, and you can stream games directly from your PC. Or use the ArcadeNet subscription service to access a huge library of games. Its class-leading connectivity allows you to compete on global high-score leaderboards, stream your own gameplay live on YouTube or Twitch, and it can be linked up with other AtGames devices to create a truly comprehensive gaming system.

The full-size cabinet features standard controls, high-quality speakers and bright LCD graphics. The menu system is very user-friendly, and it’s all designed to get owners playing as fast as possible.

Retailing for £799 with free UK delivery, you can purchase it HERE.

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