How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Gaming Industry

by MaddOx
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the best inventions of modern science, no doubt about that. AI is made to make out life and other experience a lot better like new customers’ offer. We can see the implementation of AI in the technology field which is extending further day by day. AI directly affected and elevated many industries and gaming is one of them. 

AI has been in the gaming industry for a significant amount of time. What AI does is make the experience of the player better using machine learning which acts as getting feedback and improvising on its own. This is a general conception of how AI works in the gaming industry. In this article, we will get to know how AI has changed the gaming industry.

Introduction and Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Industry

First things first, let’s get to know some historical insights about Artificial Intelligence in the gaming industry.  AI existed for a very long time and it did not that much of a response, or it was not popular back then.

Game developers were thinking about making games more interactive and simulate reality as much as possible, and since then, they have started implementing AI in games programming and development. From the early 1990s to the 2000s, we could see the preliminary implementation of AI in games such as Wolfstein 3D, Sim City, etc.

Games are Smarter 

You might be a casual gamer but there’s one thing that you wouldn’t be able to casually avoid, that is, games are getting smarter day by day. If you are not being able to relate, try drawing a detailed comparison between a game you played back in 2010 and a new game that you have recently played. You might notice that everything is different.

As an example, if you play ‘GTA V’ and roam around in the public using a character, you will notice that your surroundings are being affected by your presence. If you pull out a gun, people will get frightened, scream, and even run away. They will react differently and it’s possible because of Artificial Intelligence.

GTAV artwork

Games are Realistic 

Because of Artificial Intelligence, games feel significantly realistic. One of the major goals of AI in gaming is to make games feel realistic. If you take the example given above again, it’s easy to comprehend that games are getting smarter which results in giving you real feelings as well.

If you play ‘Read Dead Redemption 2’, you will be able to interact with the surrounding characters which are non-playable. This example is drawn from an interactive sense. AI can be implemented graphically which contributes to the realistic experience as well.

If you play ‘Forza Horizon 4’ and ride down a track, you will feel that the audience standing in the side tracks are interacting with the racing scene. Even when you drive your car and hit a brick wall, you will see the individual rocks getting scattered in the appropriate direction.

If you hit your car with a wall of a totally different texture, the visual feedback will be exactly what you would expect from it. If you compare it with Need For Speed Underground 2 released in 2004, you will observe a night and day difference.

Mobile Gaming Revolution 

The improvement of mobile gaming is worth noticing. In fact, the mobile gaming industry is has grown enormously in a short time compared to other platforms such as PC and consoles. A few days ago, people used to play 8-bit games such as snake with very poor graphics and the implementation of zero Artificial Intelligence.

But after the smartphone era started, games started rolling out such as angry birds, subway surfers, fruit ninja that introduced AI in mobile gaming. Then came graphically and AI-enhanced games such as Asphalt, PUBG mobile, COD mobile, Fifa, Genshin Impact which took AI to a whole new level.

Man on Mobile possibly playing bingo

Final Words

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has given a new meaning to the gaming industry, and it’s better than ever. Better and improved games will come in the future and that day is not far away when the entire industry will get dominated by AI.

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