Vigor Devs Celebrate Their Switch Audience With An Exclusive Sale

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Bohemia Interactive is excited to announce a Nintendo Switch exclusive sale for the free-to-play looter shooter Vigor. From May 17th to May 31st, Vigor players on Nintendo Switch can take advantage of Crown Pack sales, which can also save them money on the Battle Pass.

The Crown bonuses will give players a chance to add a slew of cosmetic materials so they can express themselves through customization or purchase boosters that alter encounters with other players and enhance the loot drops. Purchasing the Battle Pass helps them to take advantage of Season 8: Trappers.

Exclusive Nintendo Switch Sale Details

  • Crown Packs Discounted 20-30%
    • $14.99 ($19.99) – 780 (+155 Bonus) Crowns
    • $34.99 ($49.99) – 1955 (+575 Bonus) Crowns – BEST VALUE
    • $79.99 ($99.99) – 3900 (+2100 Bonus) Crowns
  • Legacy Seasons Tab – Soon, Bohemia will introduce a new in-game tab from where you will be able to purchase old seasons to re-play with friends. Players can save up some Crowns from the sale and prepare for this content when it releases.
  • Spend Crowns on the Battle Pass for Season 8: Trappers

The developers are eager to celebrate the dedicated audience on Switch and encourage others to dive into one of the most engaging F2P experiences the platform has to offer.

Vigor Season 8: Trappers Battle Pass Contents

The launch on Switch was pivotal for us. Bohemia Interactive is known for its PC experiences, as we’ve only recently extended onto consoles in a focused way. Launching Vigor on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms seemed like a given, but we wanted to bring Switch players a survival shooter experience that the platform rarely gets. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support we received during the launch as players provided us invaluable feedback.

Marketing & Brand Manager Filip Šťastný

Who are the Trappers?

Season 8 introduces a new theme in the Vigor universe. The Trappers live in harmony with nature. This is their land and their rules. They know their land like the palm of their hand and don’t hesitate to slaughter anyone who trespasses – they will fire at will. 

Will you dare to join them and prosper, or will you toy with them in the skin of innocent prey? 

About Vigor?

  • Outlive the apocalypse! Vigor is a looter shooter set in post-war Norway.
  • Shoot and loot during tense encounters.
  • Build your shelter and vital equipment.
  • Challenge others in various game modes.
  • Play on your own or fight together.

Over 10,000,000 players have jumped into the picture-postcard (but deadly) Outlands so far.

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