Artificial Extinction launches on March 13th

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100Hr Games is proud to announce that their first person tower defense RTS title, Artificial Extinction will be launching on Friday March 13th on Steam. Developed wholly by one person, Chris Dawson, Artificial Extinction looks to explore the controversial subject of the role of artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons in warfare and what that means for humanity.

You’ll take the role of a human colonist looking to escape with their family away from an AI uprising on Earth, staving off wave upon wave of murderous robots as you try to find a new home on a recently terraformed planet.

Check out the trailer below:

Artificial Extinction will be available on March 13th for Windows PC via Steam for $19.99 USD.

About Artificial Extinction

Artificial Extinction is unique because it’s a Sentry Defense game involving Real Time Strategy elements played from the First Person point of view. The story is very relevant to today’s topics of the race to invent Artificial Intelligence, LAWS, the AI Murder Policy debate, and the military’s implementation of robotics and drones on today’s battlefield.

Set in the future, you have 9 days to find a safe place on the planet. At the beginning of the day, the ship will drop you off on the planet and then orbit above you where it is safe. You have to set-up a miner to collect fuel for the ship but hostile robots will advance towards you. You have Sentry Weapons that you set-up around you to provide protection while the miner is collecting fuel. Once enough fuel is collected, your ship will descend to pick you up and you’ll continue your journey looking for a safer place on the planet.

This game is about survival, battlefield tactics, strategy, evolving technology, and resource management. The story is relevant and important to consider, all played with the immersion of a first person shooter.

Artificial Extinction robot gif

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