Arclands dev to open source all its art assets if game gets funded

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To promote independent game development the guys who created Arclands have decided to open source all assets of the game if it gets funded.

I am currently running a Kickstarter for Arclands, an RPG inspired City builder – a mix between Stronghold and Zelda. Moved by the creativity surrounding my community, and because most people really connect with the art style, I have announced that I will release all graphical assets I made for the game under an CC BY 4.0 license once the game releases. Lets keep the indie spirit alive! 

Jon Keller – Arclands Developer
Arclands Features:
  • Create your own dream RPG Village in a living world – no static boring maps here!
  • Create your main character, level them up and learn spells to both smite your foes and help your village
  • Explore the Arclands, bring home rare resources and magic artifacts
  • Get to know all sorts of banished people and make them join your village
  • Even if your city falls: Rescue some followers and resources, get experience for how well you’ve done and try again 

Arclands Kickstarter page can be accessed right HERE.

Arclands Artwork

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