Apex Legends – Tips For New Players

by MaddOx

Apex Legends is one of the latest titles to take the world by storm, following in the footsteps of Fortnite to become an immensely popular battle royale game. As always, there are those who were fans of the game from the very start, giving them an inevitable advantage over those yet to enter the land of Apex Legends. This article will cover some key tips that can help to bridge that gap in experience.

In games where you are tasked with progressing through levels or following a rich narrative, tips are an asset rather than an essential. Overcoming a particularly tricky level or uncovering a major plot point is far more rewarding if completed independently. However, there are many genres where tips can be useful without damaging the in-game experience.

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Sporting games in which you play against a computer can be frustrating unless you have been given useful tactical advice – the level of the AI can then be increased as your skills do. Similarly, it is handy to follow strategy advice before playing online casino games. Unlike sporting games, a casino game doesn’t increase in difficulty. A roulette wheel is always going to spin in the same way, so it is wise to consider how to find an edge before placing any stakes.

For the same reasons, it is crucial to take tips on board before diving into Apex Legends. As with sporting games, it can be an extremely frustrating experience to consistently fall to comprehensive defeats. As with casino games, finding an edge is vital. Your opponents will not take mercy on newbies, so it is prudent to take as many steps as possible to catch up to those with more experience.

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Here are just a handful of tips for playing Apex Legends for the first time:

  • Pull your weight – it seems counterintuitive that gamers would access Apex Legends to not play the game, but the trend of piggybacking has prompted game developer Respawn to ban offending players. Piggybackers are those who let their team-mates do all the work in order to claim their rewards and XP, so make sure you get stuck in.
  • Stay close to your team – try and keep close to your two teammates that you’ll be dropped alongside. If you spread out, you’ll be picked off by another team that hasn’t.
  • Slide away – Polygon’s article of advice refers to sliding as the name of the game in Apex Legends. By running and then activating the crouch button, players can ‘slide’ at increased speed. If you’re moving quicker, you’ll get to precious loot quicker. You’ll also be harder to kill, which is handy too.
  • Know your surroundings – Those who have played for longer will naturally have a more intuitive understanding of the arena. Every game should be taken as another chance to get to grips with Kings Canyon, the map of Apex Legends. Knowing it like the back of your hand removes the biggest advantage that veteran players will have.
  • Follow the fire – It may seem unnecessary to get involved in someone else’s battle, but you’ll have the chance to pick off opponents weakened by their fight. That might sound harsh, but Apex Legends is hardly a game in which to be nice.​

These are just some of the things to bear in mind before you drop into Apex Legends. The brutal nature of Apex Legends means that even the most experienced player can be defeated in an instant, but you’ll still want to give yourself every edge possible before taking on the world.

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