League of Angels III – All-out War

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All-out War Returns to League of Angels III

League of Angels III levels up again this month with another exciting expansion, Netherworld Invasion. League of Angels III fans will also be able to look forward to a new real-time PvP mode in Nether Wars.

In this month’s new expansion, there are several worldly updates to look out for: Hero Ascend is a new feature system to help players upgrade their character. Players will be able to enhance their main character into a Hero, bringing both significant BR and fully increased character attributes.

In addition to this, players will still be able to unlock Shaedra, the elder of the Dragon Parliament and the Queen of the Black Dragon race this month. With fighting skills as fiery as the crown she wears, she is an Iron and Blood Attacker with the power to repel damage reduction. Enemies better watch their backs …

The developers of League of Angels III have also rolled out an impressive roster of new items, including new Companions, new Charms, a new outfit, and a new Relic.

Finally, in an enhanced gaming experience, new real-time PvP mode, Nether Wars, assigns players into two teams with up to 12 players. It’s an intense 6v6 fight for glory! The rules are simple; defeat the monsters or your enemies to loot certain items. Then use said items to attack enemies’ camp! Ready for a fight?

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